14 Days, 12 Cities on the Cruise

This was a long time to be on the ship, but the time just flew as we did most of the traveling at night and spent the days visiting different areas, plus some great daytime cruising as well. I will not attempt to put the whole trip in one post, but will break it up by rivers, Danube, Main, and Rhine.

After being in Budapest of 3.5 days we were off on the trip. The Danube was running very high and fast. Overall we went thru 57 locks. Vienna was the first stop. A bit upset in that our first port was really quite a ways from the city center. To get there on our own would require finding the correct metro stop and then going in the right direction. Regardless we enjoyed this city and will return. Night one included a Concert with music from Mozart and Strauss. The Viking LongShip Gefjon is approx. 400 ft. long and had 198 passengers.

Being repositioned for boarding.
Entering the Lock to be raised
Inside the lock, waiting for Stern doors to close

The views along the Danube continued to vary. From cute little fishing cottages to castles.

These small cabins were all along the Danube on the way to Vienna
Our first castle. Could not count all of them.

The River was busy as we sailed toward Vienna, barges, other tour boats, and private craft.

One could tell how heavy the load on the barge, by the amount of hull showing above the water. This one was very heavily loaded.

To call the villages fairytale like is almost too cute, but there were hundreds of small villages along the trip

Just a “NO Name” village
Surprised by this place at breakfast, shot from the Dining Room of the ship

Vienna was the most interesting large city we visited. The one trouble with tours, the schedule. Never had time to really check it out. The Good News, we can fly back in the near future. First night we were treated to a concert of Mozart and Strauss music

The next day we had a walking tour around town, saw the outside of Natural History, Fine Arts, and several buildings used by the royal families for over 600 years. Found an excellent pastry shop, Zanoni & Zanoni, serving cakes for nearly 100 years. Sorry no photo.

Later we visited the Schonbrunn Palace, or the summer palace. Huge gardens, wonderful place. NO photos allowed in side, but managed a few outside.

In the rose garden at Schonbrunn

If you have read any previous posts, you know we are Chuch lovers. They are all so different. This Saint Stephens was really nice. Not as spectacular as the Saint Stephen’s in Budapest, but still nice.

Saint Stephen’s Vienna
Wonderfully carved Pillars
Tryptic honoring St. Mary

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