14th Arr. with a Hidden Treasure just standing in Front of You.

We discovered the 14th Arr. simply in that when we arrived in France “avec beaucoup valises” we wanted to be close to the Montparnasse Train station that would take us to Bordeaux. Since then is seems we quite often end up in this sector simply for the same reason. When we travel to the states it is generally for a few weeks, thus we have a lot of baggage.

Our choice of hotels in this area has been the Lenox Montparnasse. The staff is wonderful, they always block the room we wish to use, there are countless cafe’s and bistros in the area. Plus it is a very short walk from there to the Jardin du Luxembourg, one of our favorite places. Now I have to be honest, we have not really explored the whole arrondissement. It is really quite deep, and we have enjoyed the are we use. It appears to be more residential. Enough commerce to keep one happy, especially closer to the train station traveling toward the 7th and 6th Arr. But going outward from the city center it becomes very calm. In fact we have friends here in Bordeaux that used to live in this back side of this area and claim it is not like being in a big city.

So what is this hidden treasure. The Montparnasse Tower. when built, almost everyone in Paris despised the building. It is the only really modern building in the city and is quite tall. It is impossible to miss. The treasure is the viewing platform on the roof. Costs around 25 eu per adult, but WoW what views over the city.

ET and Champs de Mars from the Montparnasse Tower
6th Arr., Notre Dame, Isle de Cite
Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur, obviously using a telephoto lens

I have more photos from here, but you get the idea. Really a great way to view the complete city from a different perspective.


Lenox Montparnasse is our favorite in the area. 4St. $$$ per night. 15 Rue Delambre Plus this street and the streets around it have many fine places to eat. Sorry, but my exact notes on this have disappeared. One nice extra at the hotel, is the Honors Bar. Many hotels do not open the bar until 6PM or later, so if you return and desire an adult beverage this honor bar is a great treat.

Dining: Two places I did remember.

Lili and Riton $$-$$$ 64 Rue Montparnasse, Indian Food. Good but a bit too strong on the curry for me to really enjoy. But if you like Indian food, give it a try.

Creperie de Quimper $$-$$$. 60 Rue Montparnasse. Excellent Crepes. Huge variety. Nice Cider plus a good wine list. We really enjoyed this place.

To Do: Montparnasse Tower, plus the Jardin de Luxembourg is just a short walk away toward the 6th. We visit this garden every trip.

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