7th Arr. packed full of sites

The Eiffel Tower, Musee D’Orsay, L’Orangerie just across the Seine, Rue Cler, Invalides Napoleon’s Tomb how many days do you need?

While not particularly as compact as let’s say the 6th, it is still a wonderful area to stay in and visit. I think if you are reading my post, you understand we like to stay in one particular arrondissement and explore that area. On the other hand if you have just a few days, the 5th, 6th, 7th would be great places to use as a base. The Metro will take you everywhere you want to go very easily.


The K & K hotel 4 Stars, 4 Blvd Raspal is very nice and clean. Approx. $300 per night. If Lucky, and on the back side, a good chance to have views of the Eiffel Tower, really pretty at night when lit. The Breakfast is a bit on the high side, but well worth it. Full buffet and visit as often as you like. We stayed here with family from California and they really enjoyed the area. It was easy to walk around.

From our room

The Cler Hotel at 28 B Rue Cler 4 Star, is another nice place to stay, but not for families. It has recently been remodeled and very nice, but the rooms are small and it would be crowded. No room for a roll a way bed. The staff is excellent, and while the elevator is the smallest I have seen in Paris, it is new and functions really well. There is a bit of a security process, which is good in that the reception is on the second floor. Again nice views of the Eiffel Tower.

Again, from our room, not quite as good, but not bad


Le Petite Chais 36 Rue de Grenelle $$-$$$ Phone 01 42 22 13 35. Again, really enjoyed our meal here. Exceptional French dining. Reservations recommended.

Le Terrasse du 7Eme $$-$$$$, 2 Place de L’Ecole Militaire 01 45 55 00 02. We had lunch here and it was very good. Waiter was exceptional. Evenings offer a bit more upscale so it could be $$$$ if you really tried ( but worth it) This is close to the Eiffel Tower. ( meaning maybe 10 blocks)

Cafe Du Marche $$-$$$ 38 Rue Cler, 01 47 05 51 27. So this street is part of the attraction. It is the street one thinks of when thinking small pretty street in Paris. Meal was very good.

Onina, $$-$$$ ( Sushi) 45 Rue Cler Forgot to pick up a card, so no phone, sorry. At any rate, Sushi in France is very limited. If you are from CA, you will find it difficult to get good sushi EXCEPT Here. Lots of variety and very fresh.

Cafe Med Isle de France ( next to Notre Dame) 77 Rue Saint Louis Not really this Arrondissement, but we have lunch here every trip. Get there early. No reservations ( thank AB) The owner is a past Showgirl and stands well over 6 ft. The staff really hustles and despite the location, this is a locals place. Very good food.

TO DO: What can I say, this Arrondissement has more than any other plus with metro so easy to access all other areas.

The Eiffel Tower, arguably the #1 attraction in Paris. Located on the Seine where the Champs de Mars meets the river. It is an easy icon to spot and find. There is a metro stop on line C. You can actually use this line to reach several locations.

The Trocadero is located just across the Seine, and with the walk over the Bridge.
On the Tower, looking at the Montparnasse Tower in the distance, Champs de Mars below

Coming just a bit inland and to your left when facing away from the tower is the Invalides. This is a working hospital for the military, but also a very impressive military museum that house Napoleon’s Tomb. You can virtually walk to the end of the Champs de Mars, turn left and you will see the building within a few blocks. The Ecole de Militaire is along the way. ( not open to the public) So Picnic on the Champs or find Le Terrace and enjoy a nice lunch along the way.

if you tour the ET, you can spot L’Invalides and plot your walk.

Rue Cler is a lovely very short street in this area. It is like leaving Paris for a small village street with the shops and dining, and mostly lack of vehicle traffic. I believe that during much of the day, it is just a pedestrian zone. Sorry no photos, but several great places to dine. Plus if you stay that the Hotel Cler, your are right in the middle of the arrondissement.

Musee D’Orsay. Ok, This is my favorite museum in all of Paris. The fifth floor contains one of the largest collections of impressionist art, the entry level features statues from Roman and Greek times, the second floor has a wonderful array of fine art from different periods, Plus the painting from a distant cousin, Edouard Detaille Le Reve (The Dream)

Main Center Hall of Musee D’Orsay, Can you believe this was once a train station.
Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur

Musee Rodin. This house/home of Rodin is hidden on a small street close to the Invalides. Covering several acres, the grounds showcase many of his finest sculptures, including the Thinker. The interior of the house shows how he lived, many of his smaller sculptures and painting, plus one room is dedicated to painting from other artists he collected. To one side of the garden is a small cafe where you can enjoy a light treat along with a glass of wine, beer, or a cup of coffee/ tea as you prefer. This is a good place to bring family as there is ample room for them to roam around and enjoy the gardens.

Grandson having a good time
Rodin’s home and a small section of the gardens.

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