A California Adventure

So basically 4 days after returning from a 15 day Rhine River Cruise on the Viking Gefjon, we were off to Paris on our way to California to see family. Basic reason was a funeral for Jan’s mom, scheduled at this time to get all the family together from around the states and us from France. Zipping along on the new high speed train at over 225 MPH is always a bit of a thrill. We stayed in the Marais district at one of our favorite hotels in the city, plus we saw a wonderful “electric art” exhibit in the area. Famous art projected on the walls of this huge building that moved around the interior walls. Our favorite was the Van Gogh portion. BTW, this same type of exhibition will take place here in Bordeaux later this spring in a WWII German Submarine Base. Should be exciting.

This is fast, trip is only 2 hours 4 minutes down from 3.5 hours.
Exceptional display, photos enlarged to see the details of the brush strokes., perhaps 20 different paintings were shown, plus other artists.

Our trips to LA always begin with a short stay at my best friends home in Hermosa Beach. We have been like brothers since the 1960’s. Feel blessed to have a long time friend like this. Plus part of tradition is a mexican breakfast the next day along with a Corona or Dos XX beer. After that we headed a bit north to see our son and his family

Great views from the Deck, Palos Verde to Malibu
Michael, Sandy and Jan. Backlighting made it a bit tough

At our son’s we celebrated a few events, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Had a great time with the boys. Super Sushi in the Valley followed by really special ice cream that Ollie really enjoyed.

Top Rated Sushi in all of LA

They have taken Ice Cream way beyond B&J. Ollie loved it.

it takes a 9 year old to enjoy ice cream this much

In that the boys were still in school and end of year testing was coming up and the oldest is trying to get into a very special school ( freshman year in high school he will be attending Jr. College) Lost track of my thoughts, at any rate, they needed some peace and quite so we headed south to San Diego and Jan’s sister. Always a great visit with Gary and Charlie. ( Long story, we met when the Charlie Perfum campaign was on, she wore her hair short as the model, so Carolyn became Charlie, still to this day. Along the way we stopped at a family favorite for lunch in Capistrano Beach, El Patio. Been dining here since the 60’s Always make a stop here plus the Peking Dragon in Dana Point.

Best Mexican place in S. CA as far as we are concerned.
Two Sisters, very very close
All the family, try to get this manny people to look at the Camera at once.
Wilson and Trish, college roommate, and Trish and Jan taught in the same school.

School was out so we traveled back up to LA for the rest of our stay and to max out time with the Grandsons. It was an adventure, bike riding, swim time at the pool, more dinners out, a Dodger game ( they won), 4th of July fireworks, and the LA Zoo. It was a great trip.

Riding bikes with Ollie, he is a daredevil.
Xander, Ollie and Shelley at BD dinner for Jan, Building was once owned by Charlie Chaplin.
Barrie, Jan and Me at same dinner
LA Zoo was a fun day, but very hot.
Have you ever fed a Giraffe?
Ollie at Dodger Stadium, trying to get an autograph. Loves Bellinger.
Jan enjoying the start of the game, we even made the JumboTron family photo
Family having fun, Ollie is an actor

So after 8 fun filled days on the second part of the visit, we left to return to France. Flew Business Class both ways with Air France. I think I will stick with this airline for a long time on long flights. It was fantastic. We always stay in the Montparnasse distric on the way home in that it is close to the train station we use, plus we always walk in the Luxembourg Gardens, they are special

One of the old palaces, now holds government offices.
The Pantheon, painting from Edouard Detaille, a distant relative on Mom’s side adorns one of the walls.
Medicis Fountain, Circa 1630. If you cannot relax here, then you have a problem.

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