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So during this lockdown, I have been unable to travel, thus little inspiration to write about me adventures. A good friend, having read many of my posts, noted that I rarely mentioned hotels we have enjoyed or places we have dined. So I am beginning a post on this subject. It seems to me most people would be interested in Paris, so this is where I will begin. We travel thru Paris on each trip to the states, and if we are connecting on a train to a different region of France, we also stay a day or two in “the city of light”. The One thing I will not do is to review the really high end 5 Star hotels, such as the Plaza Athenee, George V, Bristal, Ritz, etc. These are easy enough to find, and by the nature of their notoriety, they are not needed in this post. Rather I will pick some of the hotels we have used out of the 1587 Hotels in Paris

I have photographed Notre Dame a few hundred times, I fear it will never be the same.

I will list each area by region or arrondissement. Marais ( 3rd/4th) is a favorite area due to the many spots we have enjoyed in this region, plus being on the right bank, easy to walk around that section, plus very good metro service.

Our favorite hotel is the Chambres du Marais. ($$$+) This is a boutique hotel with perhaps 18 rooms. It is listed as a 4 Star, but the service outshines many 5 star places. The Breakfast is very good, the bar pours a really nice drink in the evening, and the rooms are extremely clean. Most of the staff speaks English and are most helpful.

Janet in the Place de Vosges, Victor Hugo owned an apartment in one of the surrounding buildings.

87 Rue de Archives, 75003 Paris, 01 44 78 08 00

For a limo service to CDG airport or around town, we have decided that Jetcab-Private is the best. All Mercedes vehicles of various sizes from E class to Vans. Owner is exceptionally helpful

Web: Phone 06 60 10 37 82

Dining: Several places in the area, from $$ to $$$. All within a walk from the Chambres du Marais.

Mezzomezzo ($$-$$$) is an Italian place just down the street from the hotel. Owner is exceptionally helpful. Food is very good. 75 rue des Archives, Phone 01 42 74 26 22

Cafe Creme ($$) is up the street from the hotel a few blocks. We always enjoy this spot for lunch. Lots of young people, outdoor dining, a fun place on a sunny day. 4 Rue Dupetti Thours, Phone 01 42 72 04 06

Les Chouettes ($$$$) A bit of a walk, take a taxi in the evening. It is a very interesting place with the interior representing the Eiffel Tower. Excellent dinner, great wine list, 32 Rue de Picardie Phone 01 44 61 73 21

Cafe Charlot ($$-$$$) Nice place for lunch, always crowded you will get to know your fellow diners, but it is worth it. 39 Rue Bretagne Phone 01 44 54 03 30

Typical Cafe and Small “Place” ( plaza) in the Marais.

Places of interest in the area.

Les Enfants Rouge, the oldest open street market in Paris. Across the street from Cafe Charlot. Always busy with several places to buy a take out sandwich or meal. If you are an AirBnB person, the veggies, fish and meat markets are great.

Obviously, the Picasso Musee is not to be missed. Check their web site for special exhibits. Plus the building is wonderful on its own.

The building itself is worth the visit, all the Art and Photos are a bonus.

Le Place de Vosges is a wonderful open space surrounded by apartments created by Louis to house noblemen. Victor Hugo had a place here and it is open to the public, several coffee shops, art galleries fill the ground level spaces, Plus along one wall is a hotel I am dying to try, the Pavillon de la Reine.

One of the oldest Stores in Paris, began as a single storefront, today, fills a block, very close to N.D in the Marais.

So the next installment will take us to the 6th and 5th arrondissements. Should be up in a day or so. I will come back to edit this with a few photos.

In the meantime, I am a Senior Advisor on so if you check out Mitchw926, on Trip Advisor, you will have access to nearly 1000 entries.

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