About Me

Hi! I’m Mitch Wise. Thanks for stopping by.IMG_3771 - Version 2

I am an American, retired and living full time in Bordeaux, France.   A product of WWII, Dad a GI, Mom a French lady from Nancy, I was blessed with being able to travel to France quite often as a child and young adult.  My adult life allowed me to continue these travels to Europe.  So as retirement neared, we decided to make the move so that we would be allowed to experience this lifestyle on a year round basis.

Living in a city center has been a completely new experience for me after a lifetime of living the the “burbs”.  Always nice places but a completely different life style.  I have learned to live without owning a car, which for a Californian is quite an awakening.  Public transpiration here is superb.  Trams, buses, taxis for in city getting around, although walking around town has become the best and quickest method of exploring, Regional buses, high speed trains and obviously air travel is readily accessible.  When needed Eurocar is found in almost every major city.

Language wise, we are lucky in that many Europeans are taught multiple languages in school and English is quite often the choice.  So today my conversations around the country are in “FRENGLISH”.

Our travels so far have been primarily in France, although we have been to San Sebastian and Barcelona.  Too many cousins here in France to catch up with, plus last Christmas in Aix en Provence was really special.

So hopefully this site will provide some information that is useful to the reader, plus, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

A Bientôt,  Mitch