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As I have pointed out, living in Bordeaux has it’s advantages as to visits or visiting. Number one, it is a world class known region for wine, so many people come here to enjoy that aspect. I think they are surprised to learn that most of the wine comes from a rather large area around Bordeaux and has many appellations (distinct growing areas, each with its own character).

Regardless, we enjoy having these visitors and enjoy walking them around our town. My longest and closest best friend and his wife have visited a few times, plus we always see them when we travel to CA. Some of our friends started off as shop owners, teachers, etc. that have become close friends. All in all, life is good. Plus family visits are always great.

Our son, Barrie and his two boys in Paris.
Michael, Sandy and Jan in Arcachon.
Michael and Sandy along with me on a Wine tour in the Medoc.

Some of our friends we met thru their work, became closer and even invited to Evita’s wedding.

Evita and Charlie, Evita has become a mom, and Charlie has left Bistro Mimi to become a nurse.
Evita on the street with her newborn Son. So happy

Christoph in his shop, he sells the best pate, and foie Gras.
Christoph is an accomplished Tango dancer.

One of our best friends, is Marine. She was one of our teachers in the French school we attended. Today, she is teaching in an area outside of Bordeaux, but we still see her when she comes to town. It is really our turn to take a trip to her new village.

In Class on her Birthday
At lunch in the Chartron area
At lunch Bistro Mimi

Rose and Serge we met by accident. When we first arrived one of our antiques was damaged. At the Antique Fair, we learned that Serge was an excellent wood worker and could repair this piece. Rosie is his partner, we see them several times a year.

Rose and Jan at the Antique Fair in the Quinconces.
Today, just a Facebook Friend. Julie Weiss or better known as the Marathon Goddess was in town and we had a nice day with her. She ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise money and awareness of pancreatic cancer. Still active in this pursuit today. Lovely lady
Doug and Eddie Hastings visited from Portland. Took a few tries, but they made it. He was my track coach in High School.
Anne, Charlotte, and Francois have become friend while meeting in a cafe. Have lunch/ dinner with them often. Charlotte is an excellent student.
Barrie on a surprise visit.
Barrie on a different surprise visit. We are so lucky he enjoys coming to visit.
Janet and her sister Carolyn ( Charlie to me) in Paris
Jan, Charlie and Gary here in Bordeaux
At the Palais Gallien Roman ruins in Bordeaux
Two happy sisters
Patty and Jan taught School together. She visited for several days, Paris and Bordeaux.
Mark and Lynn have become good friends, they too from CA. He is studying for his Doctorate and she writes a great blog Savour the Harvest.
Guy in the red hat a High School friend, sorry could not find any of the other photos. Enjoyed showing them around town.
Bob and Shirley also visited from CA. Another High School friend.
Anna owns a fine Italian restaurant up the street. Love this lady

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