California Trip Part 2

So our trip was really divided into two segments. The first to get settled in, see my best friend, Jan’s sister, and do the funeral. But being in CA also means getting to see your grandsons. That is alway a real treat. They are both great boys. Shell was able to get us a great rate at the hotel thru her work and we were able to have a room with a nice view over the Valencia GC. Always more relaxing than looking at a street or another building.

From our Room

So visiting the kids means lots of great adventures from riding bikes to feeding giraffes. the LA Zoo is great, we celebrated Grammy’s Birthday twice. Watched the Dodgers beat the Astros, Bellinger homered twice. watched 4th of July Fireworks from the hotel parking garage roof. all in all a great trip.

Ollie and Pop riding bikes, even Xander joined in.
Family time at the pool, multiple games
Combined Father’s Day/Grammy’s BD. Fantastic Sushi.
this ice cream store makes Ben and Jerry’s look bad. Free sample tastes as you wait your turn.
Oliver loves his ice cream.
Grammy’s Official BD dinner. French Restaurant in historic Charlie Chaplin building.
Barrie Grammy and Pop

As I stated before, we had a fun filled week+ trip. It was hot the day we went to the LA Zoo, but it was still fun. Last time there the boys were very young. They have grown and matured ( well kind of).

Xander is really getting tall.
Reaching up
Jan at Dodger Stadium
Ollie hoping to get an autograph
Family at the game. Ollie is always excited
Stadium from Center field parking lot

So this was our last night with the boys. We headed off to Hermosa Beach to check in the car, say goodbye to friends. Boys headed off to Portland, OR to see other grandparents.

Nice thing about Business class is the airport lounge.

Champagne and Fudge. Life is good

Back in Paris, we almost always stay in the Montparnasse area after returning from the states. Close to the train station, nice hotel and we love Luxembourg Gardens.

Replica in gardens by same sculpture. There are actually several in france including one in Bordeaux
Medici Fountain dating to the 1600’s
Palace used for Government offices
Pantheon from the gardens. Eduard DeTaille mural in this building as well as Musee d’Orsay

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