Coronavirus in France

So like everyone else, I am certain you may be tired of all the news on the Coronavirus. I feel the news overplays its role, making sure the viewers see every story over and over again. Yep, just a bit tiresome. One feature I would like to see, is a more diagnostic portion. We cannot have names of patients, etc, and really no need for this. But it would be great if the press would release some background information.

We know it began in China it has spread to many countries in the world with Italy the second most cases, and S. Korea the second most. So here is my thought.

Post information on how it has spread to these two areas so rapidly. In the case of S. Korea, is it due to all the business travel between China and S. Korea? In the case of Italy, the Lombardy region is heavily trafficked with tourists year round. Could people coming to ski, etc have brought the disease after some contact. Are there a large number of Asian tourists in this area bringing the disease. Not trying to create a “hate” list, but a profile would be great. We know in the case of the Diamond Princess, it was introduced to the ship by an Asian passenger. In the case of the Ship in California where a previous passenger died after disembarking, where did he pick up the disease? It is felt he was infected prior to boarding.

We know one family vacationing in the Alps became sick after staying in a rental cabin where the previous occupant became ill after traveling to Asia for business.

So you get my point, give us the background demographics. Places traveled prior to contacting the disease, people in contact prior, etc. etc.

Here in Bordeaux, we have experienced just one case that has been reported, again a person returning from China right after the outbreak.

Cancellations of major events, in our case any event that will consist of 1000 people or more has been cancelled. Sporting events played in empty stadiums, concerts are cancelled, etc.

My personal loss, the wonderful wine selling exhibit here in Bordeaux has been postponed till June. ( Hopefully) Not a serious loss, in that there is a lot of wine available in the wonderful shops around, but the event gave the attendees an opportunity to experience many wines from different regions, and meet the actual producers. Always a fun experience

Hopefully the event will happen this summer.

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