Early Spring in Bordeaux

So it seems we are getting a break from the rain and cold in Bordeaux for a few days, so we are taking advantage of these sunny days and exploring some areas new to us. Some of these places we have passed thru on previous walks but we did not stop to enjoy. Place St. Pierre, the Chartron along the Quai, and the Halles des Bacalan. While none of these places are far from our home, they just seem to be a bit off the normal “track” we use when out. So here goes.

With the weather being this nice, Jardin Publique is an obvious place for us to walk. It appears “L’Orangerie” may be opening again. New owner doing a lot of remodeling, windows painted white to disguise his work. Best of all Flowers are coming up, Daffodils are among the first popping up.

The Fountain in the Quinconces has been shut down for winter, I am certain it will be running soon. Can you believe this was completely dismantled during WWII to save it from being used to make artillery shells. Two side, each as big as the other.
The statue and tower dedicated to the people of the Gironde. The fountains are on either side. The tram tracks are the new line D.
We are in the Place Saint Pierre. Just a few blocks from our usual stop in the Place Parliament. Several nice place to have lunch or a beverage. Jan has drug out her favorite hat.
The Halls de Bacalan are just a short trip up Tram C from the city center. Several great places to enjoy a light lunch. This tapas place was our choice on this day. Both Hot and Cold tapas.
Looking across the Hall from our lunch spot. Several place to choose from, plus some fresh veggies and fruit. To our left is a butcher and a fish monger.
The Cite de Vin is a must visit place when coming to Bordeaux. Dedicated to educating visitors to wine ( of the world, not just Bordeaux) Several interactive displays, plus a fantastic restaurant on the 7th floor.
With spring, comes the fair. Twice a year here in Bordeaux. Spring and Fall. Hope the good weather holds up for them. Located in the Quinconces.
Can you beat these skys, so blue. This is rue Hugerie, out first VRBO was on this street. Calm and close to the Allee de Tourney ( City Center)
Need I say more, one of our favorite place. Staff is fantastic, food is very good. It has become like a club for us, always the same table.

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