Finally on the Rhine,Viking Gefjon

We have traveled on the Danube and the Main Rivers, plus a short canal connecting to the Rhine. Today, we will pass by over 50 castles. I have to say this is one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever taken. Unpack, eat, drink, take photos, laugh, sleep. Just one mistake in this section, I somehow misadjusted my ISO on my Canon ( shot in a dark spot and forgot to reset to bright 100) many of my photos are washed out so will not post. Sorry. Still a lot to show and talk about.

Jan, Jadine and Marianne

Nuremburg is much larger than most of the other cities we have visited. Much like Vienna. Actually dismounted the tour bus at one location near the castle, walked the old part of town and boarded the bus at a new location. Really like this town. Some of it was damaged at the end of WWII but much of the old town and castle survived

One of several towers in the Nuremberg castle
One of the many museums, love this building
Pigeons are an issue all over Europe. Note the wire protecting the angel. Many places also have spikes on top of the statues.
Interior of a Beer hall, too hot to be inside
Our group pretty much took over the exterior patio.

Bamberg was the next stop on our cruise. Situated on the Main-Donau Canal, and the Regnitzarm Rivers. Wanting to use both sides of the river banks, the citizens built a bride over the Regnitzarm river and built the Town Hall on the small island between the two banks. Today, the old town is surrounded by a very large area of new construction including the new Museum and town hall. One section of the river is still the home of several lovely houses. Once occupied by fishermen, butchers and tanners, today they are simply homes. The issue of the past was all these businesses dumped into the river making it quite dirty.

Once an area of commerce today lovely private homes.
Half Timbered houses dominate the scenery.
Newer homes meaning 17th C have Baroque styling.
Bamberg is known for its “Smoked Beer” Most of us tried, few really liked the flavor. Kind of like drinking from an ashtray.
Catholicism is dominate in this area.
Old sign next to town gate, simple message ” DON’T STEAL”

Seems like we were on a tour of “burgs” as Wurzburg was our next stop. It also had a visit to the local emergency room for me. Hay Fever, to cold to sinus infection. Ship had called ahead so I was not required to wait too long. Short cab ride over, and an easy walk back to the ship. No one expects to get sick on a vacation, but nice to know the Viking people help out as much as possible.

Wurzburg castle.
One of the many castles we passed. Sorry for the poor exposure.
Really nice clock tower on city admin offices, cloudy day
Quite a few Baroque style buildings in this town.
Cathedral seen from market place
A very simple alter, note the new glass in the windows
not certain of the importance of skeletons over the door sorry for exposure

Have to apologize, forgot a section from this last city. Adding a few photos

Main entrance to the ancient Domplatz, very impressive. Duke kept a place inside for when he visited.
The cathedral. Unable to visit due to time constraints.
Building inside the Domplatz. Courtyard below used for entertainment venues.

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