Getting Ready to Travel Again

Well, this past several months, actually almost a year and a half has really been one of little or no travel in Europe. I live in France. We have pretty much been under restricted travel for most of this time. Early 2020 prior to the first outbreak, I took a short trip resto Periqueux, then when we had a real break from travel restrictions, we took a nice trip to Paris. Both of these stories along with photos are on the site.

So now what, Looks like travel restrictions in the country have been lifted, although until next Weds., all cafes, bistros, restaurants, museums, etc will remained closed. At that time, dining will be allowed outdoors on terrace type settings. Museums do open, along with theaters and gyms.
So in my mind, any travel away from Bordeaux will wait till June 9th when interior dining is also available. #1 reason, the curfew is still in effect till that date and there would be no dinner service at any of the dining establishments.

Over the past seven years, we were able to make some really memorable
trips around Europe and France. So as we restart, I feel there are some places in France that I simply ignored and we really want to visit.
First off will be the Basque Country between France and Spain. Saint Jean de Luz will be our HQ for this trip. Train to Biarritz, car for the nest several days. There are several small villages, inland from the Atlantic that just seem to be begging me to come visit. Plus Bayonne, a possible day or two in San Sebastian again, and possible another day in Biarritz. ( We visited here a few years ago).
After that, Cognac. A simple car drive from Bordeaux to there. A good friend has recommended a really nice hotel with a rooftop lounge overlooking the village. Need to arrange a driver for our tastings, in that the regulations on drinking and driving are really strict. So that should take us into Late July. After that, just throwing darts at the French Map for the next adventure.
So no photos at this time, but look forward to some in the near future.

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