Life As An Ex-pat

So many people ask about this subject, I feel it deserves a bit of explanation and a bit of our life since moving to France. First of all, I am half French, a product of WWII. Which means I have been coming to France since I was Two. We have been married nearly 50 years, and have vacationed here many times, just not enough, and basically we really never went anywhere else in Europe. I know hard to believe, but true. So when we made this decision, it was not just moving to France, but the decision to leave the states, settle in France and use that advantage to see the rest of the continent. Choosing the right place to live was fairly easy. We did the old list of +/- for the cities we felt would be good for us. Any snow was an immediate “NO”. Things like climate, airport, High Speed Train access, size of the city, is there a University, Hospitals, etc. Bordeaux came in with the most “plus signs”.

Now this was still a bit of a risk in that we had not been in Bordeaux for years, and the last time, the Garonne River front was till a working port. I had read where this had changed as the port was moved closer to the mouth of the river, and the old port area changed to a wonderful pedestrian zone. So we discovered that Bordeaux was no longer the “Sleeping Beauty” but a full fledged wonderful and exciting town.

The Quai is today a wonderful pedestrian zone, with cafe’s, a Sunday’s open air Market, pleasure boats, and tour ships every day.
Jan on a fall day, never too cold to be out.
There are several ancient entrances to the city. This is the Grande Cloche.
Port Calhou, next to a wonderful “place” plaza with the Quai just beyond
We have Roman ruins, this is the Palais Gallien ( old colosseum)

Wonderful artwork throughout the city. This was from a visiting artist. When on display over 30 different sculptures. The city bought this one.
We love the Jardin Publique. Lots of wild birds visiting year round. It was originally a military training ground for horse training.
Me in the park, always camera ready.
The Allee Tourney hosts many events, one of our favorites, the Marche De Noel ( Christmas Markets)

Jan enjoying a Vin Chaud, hot spiced wine served at the Christmas Market.
Casual gathering of Car Collectors happen often
Different gathering, different cars
We saw JT in a wonderful setting
We have a gathering of tall ships a few times per year
Part of my morning Bike ride, about 10 miles. Center of bridge rises to all ships to enter Bordeaux

So as you can see from just these few photos, there is always something going on in town. We love it here. next post will be about our travels.

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