Lockdown, a personal view

It is difficult to write about new travel adventures when one is not allowed to travel, hotels are closed, restaurants are closed etc. So living in Bordeaux, normally a very vibrant city, I decided to post a bit about how life has changed here in my home town.

For 10 days now, the city as is most of France has been on a lockdown phase. People are not allowed to go out and party, in an effort to enforce social distancing. Trips to the grocery store, the pharmacy are allowed, as is some limited time for outdoor exercise. The one condition, each person must carry an
“attestation de déplacement derogatoire”, in other words, a document stating why you are out and about from your home.

Just make sure you have the correct date, and time entered in case you are stopped. Otherwise you may receive a fine.

So, traffic of all types is at a standstill. The public transportation is still running but most buses, and trams are carrying about 5-7 passengers vs. 50 to 150. Strange to see these empty vehicles. More strange is the empty streets from pedestrians. The French love to walk around town, gather in places (plazas), parks etc. Almost all parks are closed as is the walkway along the Garonne river.

Gates are locked but still nice to work out and look in.
Place de Tourny is one of the busiest traffic circles in the city. Not a car in site.
Place Charles Gruett is the tram stop for the Natural History Museum and the Jardin Publique. Empty, just one person walking in the area
Rue Fondaudege, Tram Line D, and a major one way street out of the city center is empty. Again only one person. All the shops except for the Pharmacy are closed.
Shopping Center at Meriadeck, all the stores are closed except for the super market. Really strange.
How the bus driver practices Social Distancing.
My Friends the Police. My paperwork was in order, otherwise 145 Euro fine. Actually very nice guys, both spoke English and wanted to know about the U.S and the Virus. Had to confess, I get the same news as them in that I live in Bordeaux

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