Lockdown Continues

This Coronavirus has become a much more serious issue than I feel anyone at first expected. The infection rate, and the speed at which it traveled the world is difficult to comprehend. On a personal basis, I am looking forward more than ever to some new travel experiences once it is safe to be out and among crowds.

To date, a trip to Nice, a nice stay at the Grand Hotel Cap Ferrat, and a few days in Cannes at the Majestic have been cancelled. Currently scheduled for the end of May, a driving trip to Normandy. With a stop in Tours to visit some Loire Valley Chateaux, then on the Deauville to explore the coast line of Normandy. Several very scenic villages, plus the D-Day landing sites are on the list. Let’s hope we can travel by then.

From what I read, the virus is just now reaching S.Africa. I have two week trip planned in Cape Town, the Wine country and then a photo safari with the Londolozi Company. Really looking forward to this it has been planned for more than a year. Right now, S. Africa is closed to out side international travel, so who knows. Maybe my schedule for 2021 has already been written in advance.

So to everyone stay strong, travel safe.

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