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So this Covid virus has really shut down the amount of travel we have been allowed in France, plus do not even think of going outside the country right now. How to overcome this, well when we are allowed, look at more places close to home. Bordeaux is blessed with a number of local villages and neighborhoods offering some interesting experiences.

Our city has a really fine tram system for getting around, which includes a river bus on the Garonne. It travels from the Stalingrad right bank side, makes a few stops on the Bordeaux proper left bank and finally crosses back over to the right bank upon reaching Lormont. I have been promising myself a ride on this boat and finally found some time. The BIG Difference is that unlike the trams and buses that come along every 10 – 15 minutes, there are basically only two boats on the river. One coming over from Stalingrad side to the Bordeaux side and the other leaving from the same Bordeaux location that travels downriver to Lormont. So one has to be aware of these schedules or expect a wait at the docks. Regardless, it is a nice trip that will reward the traveler with a fun day in a small village filled with shops and Cafes.

Arriving at the Dock. Basic pontoon type boat with a capacity of 70 passengers.
Heading for Lormont, Saint Michel Bell Tower.
St. Louis in the Chartron , day excursion boats at the wharf.
Approaching the Delmas. Middle section raises for large ships. Cite du Vin Musee on the left
Cite Du Vin, one of the stops on the upriver return trip
Passed several types of working class ships once away from the city center
The Dock at Lormont
The Main Pont de Acquataine
One of several fishing shacks we passed
Need to check this out. Obviously a vey expensive club or business. Super huge catamarans.

So for now, this is a first trip in the immediate area of Bordeaux. Others to follow, all by the newest extensions of the various trams, for Parks, for what I have been told a wonderful zoo, and other places.

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