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We really enjoyed this trip, getting out in the early eve for some great dinners, seeing the sites of the city in the evening lights. One of my favorite photos came by accident as we were leaving a restaurant. I knew we were very close to the Cathedral but did not realize the view we had from across the street.

Cathedral Saint Front from a different angle. Early eve.

So this evening we enjoyed a really nice dinner at a Michelin star restaurant, Hercule Poireau ( like the vegetable.) The place was special, the servers some of the best I have ever encountered. They were not really assigned to any one table or area, but just when ever there was a time when you needed them, they magically appeared. The food was magnificent to say the least. Jan really enjoyed this dinner as did I

Dining Room at Hercule Poireau
It had been a long day, not her best photo. My fault.

So back to the Cathedral. We were treated to an Organ concert and really enjoyed the acoustics of the church. Plus I had the time to photograph a few of the domes from the interior

Just one of the seven domes
This organ is one of the largest I have seen.

The other really great meal we enjoyed was at Le Seizeime ( #16). One would be hard to find a patio with more charm. Just below the main level of the restaurant, it is surrounded by ancient buildings that virtually makes you forget you are in a large city. The food was excellent and the staff really helpful. Make reservations, this place fills up fast.

Our table was the second from left along the back. Perfect
Jan’s main dish was a pork with sautéed veggies. Excellent
I enjoyed a Sea Bass meal. The sauce was really special.
One more look at the Tower, this time from the backside as we walked to the museum entrance.
Enterprise offered a nice choice of rides.

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