One last note on Churches in Bordeaux

I realize my previous two post are only about Catholic churches. It is simply that these churches are open to public viewing on most days. Having said that, there are a few Protestant churches in the area, but seem to be closed on most days. Jan is a member of the Bordeaux women’s Club and one of the sub groups is “walk and Talk”. Organized by Linda, we were able to have a private viewing of the Great Synagogue of Bordeaux. The Jewish population has been present in Bordeaux since the late 400AD, but swelled during the Spanish Inquisition. Today, if I understood our guides comments, Bordeaux has the largest Jewish population in France. So we were invited (men as well) to visit the Synagogue and ancient graveyard. It was a really nice experience. The photos will show how this church varies from the previous pictures I have presented.

The front of the Great Synagogue, we were required to enter thru a side door
first of interior photo
second, really quite different from a catholic church
The ancient Jewish cemetery
You can barely read the date 1768

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