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It has become so easy to travel around Europe from Bordeaux. The TGV super fast train gets us to Paris in just two hours. From there we have trained to many other places in France, plus Belgium. Our Bordeaux airport has proven to be wonderful, with trips to Madrid, Milan, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Cologne, Marseille, Aix en Provence, Strassburg, Porto and Lisbon. Plus several trips back to CA from Paris. Air Tahiti, Air Lingus, Air France, all non stop flights. This allowed us to schedule in Dublin on a return flight for a few extra days. Overall, choosing Bordeaux as home, has proven to be really a good decision. No particular reasoning behind the sequence of the photos, just some of the places we have traveled. Obviously, you will see that Jan is my favorite subject.

One of several hundred photos I have taken of Notre Dame. Cannot shoot it right now with all the damage.
I enjoy the rear of the church more than the front.
Sunrise in the fall, great lighting.
WE really love Cap Ferret on the Arcachon basin, Camera always ready
The basin has a several feet tide difference. Dunes in the background are across the basin, largest in France maybe Europe.
Tide coming in as the oyster farmers gather their crops.
Cap Ferret Lighthouse. Busy street in the village.
View from our hotel room in San Sebastian.
Similar shot with the tide out. Beach is nearly 100 yards wide at this point.
San Sebastian is an old town with narrow streets. Cathedral in background
Seems like there were churches every block.
Jan enjoying the wonderful gardens in the city
Public square on the bay front. The aquarium in this town was really interesting.
Enjoying the breeze, rained about 10 minutes later. Great excuse to stop for a local beer and some tapas
Loved this place, ate here twice.

So getting to San Sebastian from Bordeaux is about a 2,5hour train ride to the border, but there one changes to a different train in that the tracks are different.

The train to Belgium is on a High Speed Train that runs between countries. There is no border stops for passports as both countries are part of the EU. Out trip was specifically to see Brugges. Brussels was having some sort of major activity so on this trip we changed trains in Brussels and arrived an hour later. Total travel time from Paris about 3.5 hours. Our hotel was fantastic. At the time the only 5 Star hotel in the country.

Duke’s Palace Hotel, just a few steps off the main square in Brugges. Much quieter in the night.
One side of the main square. Always busy.
Enjoying a horse drawn carriage around the town.
This bridge is the entrance to a small island, housing a convent of nuns sworn to silence.
Lots of colorful buildings. Notice the crest,
Tried several chocolates here, plus one infused with Tequila
One of the views from our room, Duke’s Palace Hotel
Regional Parliament Building on the Main square. YES I get up early to shoot without the crowds.
Antwerp Train Station on the way to Amsterdam

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