Stockholm, so many different neighborhoods.

When we learned of our friends planned stay in Stockholm after their cruise, it was an easy decision to book a flight and join them. The hotel was centrally located overlooking a nice square and using it as a base we were able to travel in several directions to see so many different sites. The city, like most of Europe is populated with hundreds of wonderfully old beautiful buildings, and then sprinkled in are several new Very modern structures. What ever you do, if visiting, do not pass on the Hop On Hop Off boats in the city. The views are the best you will find.

My best friend of over 50 years, his wife Sandy and Jan
Hotel built into an old department store. Some interior rooms have no windows. Our was second row and the far left, two windows.
Market day being set up
One of the many stalls in the market

Our first day took us in the direction of the Parliament building, a few museums, and of course the changing of the guards. We walked pretty much the first day, then the hop on hop off boat the second and third.

Did not win the lottery, and not related.
As I said, some very modern structures
With water running thru and around the whole city, there are a large number of various water crafts from dinner cruise boats, to working shippers, pleasure craft, etc.
This museum was closed on this day, but loved the exterior. great views over the water from the front.
One of the many bridges we crossed,
A large group of immigrants were protesting something.
The Palace.
Preparing for the Changing of the guard. Yes the fellow on the left is that tall.
New Guards arriving on Horseback.
Private Chapel in the Palace grounds.
Chapel Altar

So as I said we really enjoyed the cruise around the harbor. In fact did it once to spot the locations/attractions we wanted to see and then came around again to enjoy. There are several large cruise ships in the harbor in addition to many smaller craft.

Two of many of the liners in the harbor.
There are virtually thousands of private craft around the city. They are used for day cruising or to reach some of the smaller islands around Stockholm were residents have second vacation homes.
Exterior of the Vasla Ship Museum. Quite a story. Built at extreme cost to the King/government. Launched improperly and immediately sank with huge loss of lives. Hundreds of years later brought to the surface and today is presented in this museum.
Such a large ship, and presentation so close it is impossible to shoot the whole ship. Notice all the hand carved detail
Best attempt to show the length. Really magnificent display and interesting museum

Tivoli Amusement Park from the boat.
A walk thru the old Stockholm
Just more interesting buildings in Old Stockholm
National History Museum. Really well done, building was not completed prior to the death of the funding King and architect.
Entrance to the museum
Last visit was to an area that has been reconstructed with ancient buildings depicting early life in Sweden, Here we watched glass blowing. Several other crafts were on display, along with buildings brought in from areas around Sweden.
One of the buildings to visit, this was a church
Several photo op situations set up around the village.

So it seems were were barely home and Jan’s sister came to visit. We traveled to Paris to spend a few days there before coming to Bordeaux. She and her husband, Gary are two of our favorite people. We stay with them every trip back to CA. Our hotel this time was in the 6th Arr. and we got the luck of the draw on the room. Really nice view.

Military Museum, Napoleon’s tomb along with some strange tower.

Jan and Charlie enjoying Paris
Main Hall of Musee D’Orsay. Do not miss the fifth floor Impressionist
Monmarte from the Roof.
Petit Arc de Triumph in front of the Louvre.
Collection of Art is very impressive. Mona Lisa nice, but really hard to enjoy due to the crowds.
Gallery D’Apollon 1792
The second inverted Pyramid, scene from the lower entrance
Janet And Charlie in front of Palais Galien in Bordeaux, our Roman ruins.

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