Surprise Visit made a trip to Arcachon

Our son was taking a trip to Rome and Florence, so decided to stop by on the way there. Always good to see your kid, even if he is 40+. Had some good times, found some great places to eat and enjoyed his stay. The Dunes du Pilat we simply amazing.

A stop at the L’Orangerie in the Jardin Publique always in order.
Nice to have someone else to hold the camera. At the Bourse in Bordeaux.
Like I said, it is amazing, stretches for miles
Largest in Europe.
Size of the people gives it a bit or perspective
The less adventuresome can take the over one hundred stairs to the top
Jan taking a break at the top
Painted sand Sculptures on the Arcachon side of the bay.
Took the ferry over the the Cap Ferret Side, lots of interesting sailboats on the water.
The Oyster Beds on the Cap side.
Tide is out, look at all the oyster beds, stretch for over a mile. Arcahon oysters are some of the favorite in Bordeaux. The sand dune can be seen across the bay.

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