The 1st Arr. plus a note on the 8th.

So I have to say that as a Wise Family for years we stayed in the 1st Arr. It was a certain hotel my parents liked and when we started traveling on our own, we continued the tradition. In fact in 2006 when we brought my best friend to France for their first visit, this is were we booked in Paris. Hotel Lido. So I have to update the information, today it has been combined with another hotel, and is now the Amarante Beau Manoir. Just as nice staff still great, just bigger. Further notes later.

One of the reasons we like the 1st is that it is so centrally located as to walking or taking an easy tram around the city. Just a walk up Rue Vignon to Madeleine Capuchannes takes one to the Opera, the main Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, etc. Plus there are more Bistros than one can count.

If one goes toward the Seine, within a few blocks you are at Place de Concorde, the Jardin Tuileries, the Lourve, Notre Dame, L’Orangerie, Plac Vendome etc.


Eglise Madeliene, is truly a unique building in Paris.

Just a few blocks past the Madeliene on Rue St Honore. Really a huge place, ( plaza) in the middle of Paris’s most expensive Real Estate. If you are looking to purchase an upscale watch, head here. Every brand one could desire are all rubbing shoulders around the square.

Watch lovers paradise, Place Vendome.

Heading toward the Seine, just a reminder. The walkways along the lower level next to the river are very romantic and a nice place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, either by yourself or on one of the many “bistro Boats” located along the banks. But during certain time of the year with heavy rains up river, the water level rises and all of these activities are not possible.

One of the many boats tied up along the river offering food and drink. Be careful, other working boats also tie up along the Seine.
Compare the two photos. The Cars in #1 would be under water. The boats unreachable

Using the Place de la Concorde, it is easy to navigate the 1st Arr. Looking at the Seine, everything to your right up to the Arc de Triomphe is the 8th, across the Seine from left to right is the 5th, 6th, and 7th Arr. Turning left is the Jardin de Tuileries, then the Petit Arc de Triomphe leading into the Louvre. It is easy to miss Musee L’Orangerie housing Monet’s gigantic wrap around the room Water Lillies Painting.

Fountain in the Place de Concorde, next to the Egyptian obelisk
Center walkway of Jardin Tuileries, Petit Arc, right wing of the Louvre
Lots of room to run
Seems like every city has a ferris wheel. Watching the remote controlled boats is always fun
Just a section of one panel.

Continuing past the Louvre, at Blvd. de Sebastopol, turn right onto the Isle de Cite. Government offices surround St. Chappelle. Make a reservation to avoid the lines. The stained glass is worth the effort to see.

St. Chappelle
Only a photo can do this place justice
Rear view of Notre Dame, sadly all the roof and sphere are gone.
Sunset lighting up the Notre Dame
Notre Dame Bell Towers

A short walk past the Isle de Cite is the Isle St. Louis, just full of fun and interesting shops and cafes.


Le Lido or Amarante Beau Manoir ( actually just across the 8th boundary.) Very nice, moderate to kind of small rooms, but well decorated. Now has AC. There are three rooms in the newer section that no windows, so please make sure to not book one of these

Hotel Royal Saint Honore $$$ 221 Rue Saint Honore. Great location, it was clean and nicely decorated, BUT some of the most rude staff we have ever encountered. I had booked a Jr. Suite, they gave us standard size room. When I asked about this they were very upset that I would even ask. When I pointed out on the fire escape room chart that our room was the smallest on the floor, they told me I did not know how to read the chart. If we had been able I would have left and gone to another place.

DINING: we found three places we liked, sadly with the lockdown, we have learned that two are closed.

So Le Coupe d’Or was a fun place. Lots of locals, Better than average food. Wide variety of food and Veg. Friendly. 330 Rue Saint Honore.

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