The Ease of Travel as an Expat

I have found that travel in Europe is one of the easiest ways to discover new adventures. We use high speed trains, we fly a variety of airlines, not owning a car, we have found Enterprise to be the best with a fine election from which to choose. BTW, the reason we no longer own a car is the inconvenience it brings living in the city center. Much easier to walk, take the tram or bus..faster, less hassle, plus we both have lost weight and a few inches around the waist.

So in France, we try to go to Paris 4 times a year, always staying in a different Arrondissement when possible. I have cousins just out side of Paris, Dijon, Lyon ( now in San Raphael) and outside of Marseille. We have explored Les Marche Noel ( Christmas markets ) in Aix en Provence, Strasbourg, Nancy ( mom’s hometown), Cologne, Paris, and Frankfurt. We have traveled to San Sebastian, Poiters, Limoges, Rouen, Giverney, Milan/Lake Como, Stockholm, Madrid and Amsterdam. Each one was special and completely different. This post will concentrate on primarily travels in France over the past few years. Then I will follow up with photos from trips outside of France. Trying to get a few shots from each place would make this individual project way too long. One of the nice things about our friends is that they too like to travel, so some of our adventures have been with close friends.

One fellow expat, has become a good friend, they met thru the Bordeaux Women’s Club, which was founded after WWII for the officer’s and NCO’s wives. Over 200 members today.
Good Friends from CA, Britt and T. Here we are in St Emillion. They will show up a few times.
Looking over the village. Some of the oldest wine growing regions in France.
The Cloisters at the Church in St. Emmillion.
Poitiers and Limone were two of the first places we visited. This is Notre Dame La Grande. Famous for it design. Joan d’Arc was anointed and allowed to lead the French Army in Poiters.
Lots for Half Timbered houses. 1500’s-1600’s.
Gardens in France are wonderful. This fall photo in Poitiers really describes the effort of these gardeners.
Located in the Open Market in Limoges. Family style seating. Met some nice people at lunch
This is the Church built by Richard the Lion Hearted to honor is mother, Anne of Aquataine.
Interior of the church.
A short trip across the river on the regional bus took us to Blaye. In addition to a good wine region, home of the Citadelle de Vauban 1629. Vauban was a famous military architect. Developed the star shape fortresses.

One of three entrances. Clear to see it would be easy to defend. Overlooks the Garonne, paired with two other forts to prevent invasion by sea.
Always taking photos
L’Escale in Cap Ferret on the Arcachon Basin. Great Food, love this quiet village
Tide is out. Dune de Pilar ( largest sand dune in Europe across the basin. Will show more later. Oyster beds in background
Working the oyster beds at low tide. You know they are fresh when eaten here
Aix en Provence is great all year long. This happens to be at the Christmas Market, Santons are a big item here.
We have dined here several times, never a bad meal.
Just a reminder in front of the church. He also died in Aix
Aix is know as the city of 1000 fountains. Like in Florance, rub the nose of the hog for good luck.
We met this lady in the weekend market in 2010. Here she is years later still selling the BEST dried lavender products.
Jan at the Fountain of the Dolphins.
Enjoying Dinner in a Cave at Christmas.

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