Travels Continued, some of these with Barrie’s Family.

We are continually looking for a reason to travel, so when our son suggested we meet them in London after a cruise they were finishing, we readily agreed. The trip was even expanded to include a few days in Paris. After that we were able to visit my cousin Jean Francois a second time in Dijon, and he took us on a tour of local historic chateaux. One was the home of Valbon, the famous military architect. The real surprise was being able to visit my best friend at the end of one of their cruises in Stockholm. This was a real adventure, and showed us how easy it is to get around, plus a second trip to CA, stopping in Dublin on the way home.

Fantastic Boutique Hotel Part of the Red Carnation Group
Saint James Park
Jan in front of Buckingham Palace We had arrived a few days early so toured on our own
Our first Pub, in the neighborhood of the Air BNB
And I want a beer this tall Grammy, Xander enjoying London
Ollie got bored, so he built a fort from the menus and other things on the table.
Grammy enjoying a nice tea in Cambridge.
Several Colleges make up the University, just great buildings. Make one want to go back to school.
Entrance led to a wonderful garden area in this school.
Boys having fun with the guard at Tower of London. Loved seeing all the crown jewels.
Tower Bridge from in side the castle.
All boys, give them something to climb on and for sure they will partake.
Skyline is a mix of really old with very modern.
The Globe, maybe this is where Ollie started his interest in theatre.

So London was several fun filled days seeing lots of museums, walking everywhere, occasionally the subway, but we loved it. From here we flew to Paris for a few days of introducing the boys to France. So Barrie found us another Great AirBNB in the 6th Arr. Great location for getting around, plus a few markets in the immediate area. Once again, we walked and walked which is not issue for us, but Ollie had to ride on Barrie’s shoulders for a bit. We actually entered the Louvre from the back side which was kind of nice, in that we have never seen this side.

The backside is really very beautiful as well, but remember this was the home of the King so everything had to be perfect.
These pyramids have been very controversial, some hate them others love. Cannot believe I was able to take this photo with only two people in the area, how lucky.
Just love every wall of this building with all the statues.
Luckily, the Jardins have lots of places for boys to run and burn off some energy
View of of Eiffel Tower from the Tuileries Gardens. Always love this site
Ferris Wheel at the Gardens with Grand Palais in the back ground.
Ollie got tired on the walk up the Champs Elysees Just three miles from the Louvre to the Arc de Triumph
Grand Palais, half way to the Arc de Triumph
Arc de Triumph is huge. Notice how small the people on the top look,minitures
Ended that day at the Eiffel Tower.

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