Visit to a Doctor’s Office discovers Parc Riviere in Bordeaux

A relatively non significant issue required a visit to a medical specialist, JUST to make sure. So traveling by bus, I arrived very early and had noticed the stop earlier was marked Parc Riviere and there looked to be many trees. Took me a second to decide to walk back two blocks and explore. The grounds had once been the estate of a very wealthy family. In the 1970’s the city acquired the property to form a park. Today, the ruins of the family mansion are still there, but marked off limits for entry due to danger. They still make a wonderful site to behold. The ground have been planted in various areas to represent some of the vegetation that is natural to the area. We have a small section of vineyard, there is a small mixed garden and there are flowers everywhere. I observed a class of school children with the teacher walking around and identifying different plants from the hand outs they carried. Many of the buildings are very beautiful, but I really liked the tower

One of the towers attached to the main building in Parc Riviere.

Bottom line, this is a very nice park, easy to access and one that we will visit often just to explore and enjoy the area.

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